“Identities define who somebody is in terns of a trait, it can be anything from something physical to psychological. In effect they identify by placing individuals intro groups who share that trait. And this has a consequence: it means that identity is won at the price of reducing individuality”. With this quote I think we can understand what is the text about, is like how does society builds up your identity and how you can lose your individuality by being part of a group. This is a great discourse in psychology today, like how people since they are born have a post-it like a tag that describes them, but in most of the cases that tag its not even you and you have to act like it because you start believing you are like that. For example, when you have two children, and you always mark differences among them so when the “smart one” gets a bad grade its such a problem and if the kid doesn’t want to get good grades anymore he would have to because its his “identity”. What I’m trying to say its that we lose our individuality and carry a personality that its not totally ours. “People identify with their identities to a greater or lesser degree because identities constitute framework of their lives…It is important to distinguish between given or inherited identities…” – During S. Why do you have to inherit an identity, in some ways its good because your born being someone and part of something, but this makes your individuality smaller. This text was a good way to carry us to the next ones, because now we know what does identity means for them and how is related with media. For example in the text “Variations on the branded self” its so interesting to see how far media has gone. “The face or identity of a brand works to establish a relationship with the consumer… Self branding illustrates how flexible corporate capital has subsumed all areas of human life, including the very concept of a private self.” – Hearn A. Self branding describes the process in which consumers match their own self-concept with the images of a certain brand. So now they are brands for each type of public. You can see this link In the last text we can see how media equals control in all aspects. For example when they said that this early generations are the most watched, how can this not be true, now every kid has a mobile phone, in some nurseries they have cameras so you can watch your kid from work, and if you leave your kid home you also have cameras to watch him. Media is like an addict cycle, we get more media each time and now we need more and more. Another interesting concept they talk about its “adults, not youth, design and produce youth entertainment media”. And it’s the first time I stop to think about this and its completely true. Adults always blame youth that our T.V. shows, videogames, etc. are not like they were in their times, and that all that violence its making us harder and more violent. But now I realize that we didn’t claim for that stuff they gave it to us. So its not what we want or we are looking for, its what they are offering us. And all this it’s a consequence of our identity. “Intentionally or unintentionally, game designers provide role models on which young players may base their behavior and self image.” This construct youth identities. So I agree when they said “commercial interests and the mass media have not behaved responsibly toward youth”. They are a lot of important concepts in this articles but for me these one were the most.

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