writing a qualitative research report `Liamputtong, P.

This week’s readings brought up facts and helpful hints to help us with our major assessment- Our research report.
In ‘writing a qualitative research report’, Liamputtong talks about the difference between qualitative writing and quantitative writing, outlines the styles of research report, number of techniques to write a good research report whilst including a discussion about writing for publication.

He states the difference between qualitative and quantitative writing, by first telling us what they are:

“A quantitative report consists of a concise presentation of the methods and result of the study. Qualitative writing, on the other hand, ‘must be a convincing argument systematically presenting data to support the researcher’s case and to refute alternative explanations'”

This pretty much gives us a head start as he gives us a clear definition in how our report should be. He goes on talking about features of a qualitative report and how they help us write the report, such as qualitative data which ” gives the writer freedom to use literary devices to keep the reader’s interest and accurately translating a meaning system for the reader”

After that, he asks us to think of our target, who are we writing for? and who do we want to read it as qualitative research are written differently for each target audience. He then tells us the structure in which we should write in and how we should use our articles in which he encourages us to use not one, but many.

In a sense, this article is really useful to read when writing our report as it works as a layout of a qualitative report. It encourages planning and efficiency, in addition, it is easy to follow and understand. By reading this, it helps in many ways and if not read, then clearly you’re missing out on some very good help in hand.


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