Media Audiences

Media Audiences

To be honest, I found this reading a little bit dull. I feel like all the concepts we are learning are just follow on from each other in a natural progression – although this is normal for any course, in my opinion the progression is so natural that it barely takes a minutes thought to understand.

The media audience’s readings although dull, were very insightful. It made you think about what an advertisement must actually include to target their audience. Livingstone states that these three aspects are:

Technology – what is the technology and how will the audience adjust to it? It’s important for advertisers to grasp this concept fully as is their product an add on from a previous technology? Or a brand new piece of equipment that teenagers themselves need to be taught to use. If so, who is really their target market?

Social Space of the product – is their product going to be accessible 24/7? Or only at certain times/locations? It is interestingly to note that the more popular products amongst all age’s groups are the ones that are accessible 24/7. This is because there is no longer an “average working day” and therefore people require the products use at different times.

Experience – this point refers to the change that the product will bring about in both the individual and as a society. This point is of vast important to me as it reminded me of something i once learnt in a Biotechnology subject, my lecturer once said to me “A new product will only be successful if it is a solution to a problem in society”. I believe this relates to experience as the product will only bring about change in the individuals life, if society as a whole believes it to be a problem too.

Although there was much more to the readings, I believe this blog has covered the most important bits. The rest, as stated above, I believe one could gather by reading briefly the introduction and conclusion.

Hope it makes sense

Natasha Boustani xx

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