Today I’m going to be blogging about Castell’s article regarding Informationalism. I have to agree with my fellow blogger – s2juliees2 –that these reading seemed like a chore. This was mostly because I disagreed with some parts of his article.

The first thing Castell argues in his article is the concept of network societies and nodes, and how due to these networks not having a centre core – they are decentralized. Using facebook as an example, Castell argues that – if the nodes are people’s profile – and therefore no real “centre person” it is decentralized. I would have to disagree with this as I believe the central core is people’s profiles. The fact that one can move from one persons profile to another with such ease is evidence of a centralized system. Also the fact that one person can find out so much information about a person they don’t even have to meet, is also evidence of a centralized system. How else can it be explained?

Another thing I strongly disagreed with was Castell’s definition of a hacker. Castell implies through his article that Hackers are people that share information. When reading his article I pick up on sort of a Robin Hood vibe about his perception of Hackers – how they take from the rich and give to the needed (e.g. Limewire). To me a Hacker has a very negative spin to it and to imply that Hackers “share information” and steal property from someone to publish to the world seems wrong. A hacker is someone who is doing something illegal and therefore Castell’s positive spin on a Hacker is indisputably wrong.

To sum up Castell’s article, he also talks about some other concepts that i believe need a mention, such as “networking societies” and timeless time.

These concepts are both easily definable and tie in to the central core/node concept above. Networking societies are where a society can exist online, where friendships and relationships are formed through online networks. Again facebook is an example

Timeless time is that of something like the internet; which a place that doesn’t run on biological or clock time – it’s really timeless.

I really just wanted to make evident my view of this article and how I really disagreed with a lot of what Castell’s was writing. I intend to bring these points up in the tutorial as I would really be interested to see how many people agree with me – especially in regards to the Hacker aspect

Hope it make sense,

Natasha Boustani xx

 P.S. sorry about the late Post. i had troubles getting onto the wordpress site. Please note Penny, that i sent you an email about this blog and you have an attachment showing it was done last week.

Thanks. My week 9 blog will be up later tonight xx

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