Castell reading was very usefull to understand some terms I have listened and couldn’t understand them completely.

I totally agree when they said that networks constitute the fundamental pattern of life, on network that really impress me is Facebook, specially when you can see all the connections between your friends, when you se this you can really realized how you are connected to all people.

All of us are part of a network, it could be one or many, religious, social, political or whatever but this networks give us a part of our personality, and sometimes we mold it to fit in or be part of it. So that’s when we become a network society… Castells argues that it is not purely the technology that defines modern societies, but also cultural, economical and political factors that make up the network society. Influences such as religion, cultural upbringing, political organizations, and social status all shape the network society. Societies are shaped by these factors in many ways. These influences can either raise or hinder these societies.

Also Castell introduces to a concept named Space of flows is a high-level cultural abstraction of space and time, and their dynamic interactions with digital age society. The concept “reconceptualize new forms of spatial arrangements under the new technological paradigm”; a new type of space that allows distant synchronous, real-time interaction. (Castells, p.146).

When he talked about timeless time I got a little confused but I think he means that a lot of media and broadcasting like the internet is timeless, there is no day or night. I think this makes us wanted to be online more time, because it could be very late but you can still do a lot of works on the internet. You don’t have to be tied up to some schedule.

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