Buying into American Idol

As we know interaction is one of the things that we have to do to survive. We really need to make bonds between people so we can feel satisfy, if not we will not be pleased and happy. This is now known in the media industry that’s why they are trying to make all media broadcasting interactive.

Through the reading “Buying into American Idol” they are trying to make us understand the broadcasting phenomena. They use American Idol as an example, but I think this can be seeign in almost all media.  “To understand Amercans Idol’s success, we need to better understand the changed context within which Amercian boradcasting is operating and the changed model of consumer behavior shaping programming and marketing strategies” – (Jenkins Henry 2007) I think with this quote we can see the hole contexto f the text.

I want to mention the concept affective economics, that they use in the text to explain that making the consumer happy it’s the best and easiest way to approach it. “To be desired by the networks is to have your tastes commodified. So if you get closer to the consumer and get to know their desires you will be able to shape their purchasing decisions. And well it’s obvious that now fans are seeing more shows reflecting their tastes and interests, also because they are a lot more shows these days than in the past. But also this makes a larger competition between shows, because it’s harder to get all spectators attention.

It is crazy to think that they want to make consumers build a long-term relationship with a brand. I was in shock when I read that hey were trying to reshape our hearts and minds, and that is so true and scary at the same time. Previously I was talking about the shows competition to gain our attention, well in the text we can found that they talk about “impress” and like the word itself, they medias goal is to make an impresión among espectators. Then they talk about loyalty, refering to “the amount of time people spent consuming media each day” Also they said that we are a harder public we are becoming harder to impress. With all the reading I have made I dare saying that media suround us, so we are part of the media and the media is part uf us, we are connected, fused, linked. This lead us to convert media in a need, so then as a necessity we not only use media we talk about it and share media with one another. This is one of the their targets, because if we keep related to it and talk about it all the time we are gonna be more “loyal” and useful to them. As media is in our minds ll the time, this also becomes a competition, you want to be “a la mode” fashionable, and at the same level as your partners. For example like Scot Scanner that since first lecture he was talking about buying an iphone or a blackberry, and must lectures he ask for our advice, until he finally got the iphone. In this we could see that the gossip they talk about in the text its true.

I love this quote about gossip “Gossip is finally a way of talking about yourself through critiquing the actions and values of others”  I think this is true. Also in this concept they want us to talk about media al time, but sometimos I thinks this is affecting us in a bad way, because this days we only talk about shows, and superficial things and our social interactions are only based on this, and we cannot create stronger boundaries.

Also as I already told you, im a psychology student, and one thing I really found it’s true its when they talk about “emotions”. We know its very important. “The emotions are a serious opportunity to get in touch with consumers. And best of all, emotion is an unlimited resource”. This is so true and the most importan fact I could foun on the reading. “The strenght of a connection is measured in terms of its emotional impact. The experience should not be contained within a single media plattform, but should extend across as many mdia as posible” Here we can see that they are looking for convergence, and also now they know how to reach people, get involved with their feelings, so it will be much easier for them.  

Well only to finish my post I want to say that I consider my self as a zapper a casual and a loyal. It depend on what show Im watching.

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