Convergence is a very interesting concept, and like my fellow blogger lamayers states, I believe it is very closely linked with the concept of mobility.

When describing Convergence, I’m going to use my own definition. As when reading the articles I really formed my own definition in my head of what it is. To me, convergence is a number of things, namely the merging of several types of media across a single platform; In other words, the merging of “old” and “new” media. The problem with the second definition – although more simple – is defining what the terms “old” and “new” are. Answering questions such as – when does old media finish and new media starts?

Convergence is seen across many types of broadcasting media at the moment.  Great example of the mixing of “new” and “old” media are – Yahoo7 or NineMSN.  Where television – being the ultimate “old” media – channels are merging with internet search engine sites to give their audience a mixture of daily activities such as the daily news, television guides, and accessing research materials. Convergence ultimately, allows for the destruction of “narrowcasting”, as stated previously, it allows for the merging of different type of media.

Nightengale and Dwyer’s article – New media worlds – encompasses this concept of convergence at a very advanced yet simple to read level. It looks at convergence as the disintegration of traditional media and the flourishing of modern media. As well Nightengale and Dwyer introduce various terms into the convergence concept, including Richness and Reach. I believe convergence has increased human being ability to “reach” places. This ties in with the concept of mobility as you can now access media anywhere you are – even when you are out of the home. This reach has allowed for increased richness in knowledge, communication and other aspects of your life.

Jenkins article – “buying into American idol” also makes you think about convergence in a different way. How reality shows – although believed to be “corporate hype” – allows for the interactive nature of watching the show on TV, and “voting” for a competitor to be eliminated or stay in the competition. This interactive nature allows broadcasting networks to merge human beings with television and their mobile phones.

Overall convergence was a natural progression for human nature. With such easy access to different types of media, it was only natural for big broadcasting giants to merge several types of media to make it easier to use and more simple to gain information.

Hope it makes sense, i didnt proof read it as the tutorial is going to start soon hehe

Natasha Boustani xx

  1. As Natasha said for me convergence also is the merge of new and old media, or other things, it depends on what are you talking about, Thats why we can use this term in a lot of fields. For example in Mexico there is a very small political party named “Partido Convergente” that would be convergent party, and they try to make a connection between the old stuff and the new one. But well even if we didn’t have this concept. Y truly believe that the present its always linked to the past thats why the covergence concept its so strong and importand in broadcasting media. Becasue you have to be linked to hte past to bring new things to the present.
    Technological convergence implies both the possibility for the user to have in one device for multiple services (telephone, TV and Internet), as the capacity of networks of licensees of cable television or telephone to bear it.
    Hence the convergence of technologies, from a more global view can be understood as the set of social, economic, organizational and technological processes, that digitalization is making it possible, and proppeling it.

    Also I think that the great technological convergence is the basis of the new materialism. Now we really care about having all the new products that are on the market. And this becomes a compulsory attitude. We have to be careful with this, so we dont become a media catch or prey.

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