where we read New media Worlds? Challenges for convergence from Nightengale and Dwyer.

I found this week’s reading quite interesting as it discusses convergence in a way that outlines what it is and how it can affect us. In the chapter overview, Convergence is defined as “a word that describes technological, industrial, cultural and social changes in ways media circulates with our culture”.

This reading talks about the changes to media and the traditional media is slowly disintergrating as the modern media is emerging. They argue that ” the convergence process is challenged by core differences between the traditional media and the internet”. Having read this, i started to wonder what the world would be like if we didn’t have the internet. We wouldn’t have things such as facebook, myspace, blogs or even youtube. If so, what would be doing in our free time?

It occured to me that maybe if there were no internet people would still be glued to tv, and thus have a more daily ritual as there would be no “TiVo” to record the shows to watch later, either that or they become more active because let’s face it, these days all we do is sit in front of our computer or laptop and do what we usually do whether it be youtube, facebook or msn.

Which is why i understand why, in this context, internet is labeled as a threat as it has ” in turn caused traditional media to redefine their activities in order to be able to compete for internet audiences” and why “convergence has become a ‘push-me-pull-you’ process of internetisation and mediatisation” which is, really nto so suprising as everyone is engaged to the internet in one way or another.


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