Week 6: Mobile media and space

“Augment physical spaces via virtual spaces” I want to start my opinion with this quote because I think this tell us everything. It’s amazing how virtual spaces had been growing in the last past years. I thinks technology is moving so fast, we are kids from the “future” well I though we were, now I think we are so old fashion. Now in a lot of schools all the education its virtual. The new information and communications technologies are permitting the creation of a new virtual social space for human relationships, this new environment is being developed in the area of education, because it allows new learning processes and transmission of knowledge through moder networks communications.

This environment becomes more important every day, because to be active in the new social space requires new knowledge and skills that must be learned in the educational process. I think the creation of virtual classrooms are an extraordinary idea, to assist and improve the academic performance of society.

Also in the article they talk abou mobiles. Mobile phones are amazing, and for me the Blackberry is the best invention. Since I arrived to Sydney I can keep in touch with all my relatives in Mexico and around the world. And talking about spaces, (and in other texts about doubling space) its so great that I can send a picture to anyone in my net and they can see the same thing that I’m watching. Mobiles are not a revolution but rather a media evolution, directed to humanity, so we used them to work more efficiently and effectively. Socio-economic development depends on being connected. Businesses need good links with suppliers, customers, employees, governments and regulatory agencies. can not progress without the appropriate level of communication between members. So this need for constant communication, is being calmed by mobiles, that’s the reason they had become a “boom” that has invaded every country. But remember all media is to used it not abused it.

Now you can do almost everything with your mobile (e-mail, msn, messaging, watch tv. Download music games, facebook,etc) I cannot think what is next to come, or if it’s posible to invent more great things.

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