Week 5 Research

When I start reading this lecture I immediately remember a book I read about 2 years ago. It’s called the Club Bilderberg (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_Group ) and it’s about how the world is controlled by just few members of our own society. This can sound crazy, but in some aspects of my life I believe this is true. With Alyssa Eckman example of how the vet edited her article I realized that many broadcasts are like that. Since we wake up in the morning and watch the news, we don’t really know that is actually happening, or more specific, that it exactly happened that way. Sometimes I think that all news are manipulated by the government and that they decide what can we see or hear. It’s a way of controlling the world. So do we really know about our world? Or it’s just a part of it? These questions don’t have an answer; it’s like an unknown Paradigm.
This reading introduce us to the research method we have to follow for our first assesment. Its fundamental to keep in mind all of this concepts so we can make a satisfatory inquiry. For example they tell us about the diference between qualitative and quantitative research methods, so now we know that our assesment is a qualitative research, because “… is known for being primarly inductive, emergent, and –well, somewhat unruly…we plan on making decisions about issues we haven’t yet discovered”. – Lindloft and Taylor. If we follow the main steps they give to us we can make our research more easily. The first of all is, the source of research ideas, this concept is mainly about the curiosity, and even we didn’t cose the research we can focus our investigation to any concept that we are interested on. The second is, questioning ourselves , where you have to think if the project right for you in al ways. The third, is to question the scene, where we transform ourselves in the research instrument. So we can interact with the environment, with the outside. And last but not least is the research proposal, here is to get a good note, but we can find another purpose for ourselves, or maybe if your inquiry its that great, you can go beyond and make an exceptional work helping your community. 
As the lecture continued it started getting a little boring because back home I already took a subject with the same name and I made some inquiry. 
 Its amazing all that you can do with this type of research, everyone can do it, you only had to have a doubt and have the will to make a research project. It’s not that easy because they are a lot of things you have to follow and one of the most important are the ethics. When I make an inquiry about two perspectives about death, it was an amazing experience. For example I interview a woman with terminal cancer so she had only few months to live, I thought her death perspective was going to be like very aggressive, that she will feel insecure, angry, mad and hopeless, but it was the other way around. She had accepted her illness and was very happy that she was the chosen one, because that make her grow as a person, and she could make the most of her time. This is the most grateful sensation that a research can give you. You have to be fascinated by your theme, choose a good scene and make a very good work giving the best part of you. If you do so, you will get great results and you will be very pleased with those.

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