lets do some research!

Where we read:Design I- Planning- Beginnings: Searching for a Research Idea by Lindlof, T. & Taylor, B.

In this weeks reading, Lindlof and Taylor basically gets us ready and prepared for our research proposal as it outlines how we should start our assessment. Here, they state the difference of Qualitative and Quantitative:

“Qualitative methods intend to contribute to a theoretical understanding of communication. Whereas hypothesis-testing research derives its focus from a theory, or a competition between theories, qualitative research can be more flexible in its use of theory”

The authors stresses the importance of ‘planning’ to maintain a productive research. I believe that this is to help us gain a flow for our research proposal. While reading this piece of writing i realised that it links to our research proposal in a number of ways.

By stating the difference between qualitative and quantitative research and basically outlining the positive and negatives between the two. It shows that our research is based on qualitative as we do not work based on a hypothesis but based on a “theoretical understanding of communication”. It also helps me understand why qualitative research would be a better approach than quantitative research for the research proposal as they state the flexibility of its nature. In addition it helps gives us ideas on what aspect to focus on and how to come up with a list of aspects while stating that

“the ideas we derive from theory can be just the sort of leverage we need to start a project and to continue to find meaning in it as we move into the field'”

Under ‘The Research Proposal’ subheading, it briefly states why a research proposal is necessary. Honestly, before this, i never found any reason to do a research proposal and found it to be a waste of time just like essay planning. Hoever after reading this part of the reading, which breaks down what a research proposal is and does, i found that it does help out the final report as it is basically a summary of the final report.

To me, this part help with my proposal quite a bit as it tells me that:
– “a proposal aims to inform others about the study’s purpose, rationale, procedures and intended outcomes.”
– it “aims to persuade”
-it “nails down elements that up to that point had been only discussed or speculated about”

In addition to the many aspects of the research we are conducting, they also stress the importance of time management as they mention that “the final element of most proposals is the schedules for completing the project.” and one way to maintain time management is to create a timetable within a certain amount of time but allowing or ‘overestimating’ the time needed to finish each stage of a project.

At the end, i found this reading to be very very useful as it gives me hints and ideas as to how to approach my research project.

How was it for you guys?


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