week4: let’s be in two places at one time.

where we read The Doubling of Place – Shaun Moores

Unlike the previous weeks readings, i am finding the readings to be a bit more easier to read.
I’m also starting to understand them a bit more than i did before.
In this week’s reading i found that Shaun Moores makes many references to other people such as Paddy Scannell, Lori Kendall…etc.
Here, Moores talks about “doubling of place” which- to me- conveys a sense that we can be in two or more places at one time. In the beginning he states that Scannell’s idea is that

“these media serve to ‘”double” reality’ is developed as an analysis of the distinctive character of public events”

I’m not too sure what this is meant to mean, however i am assuming that he is trying to tell us that with technology advancing these days, media can now take us to a whole different level. It’s like he’s telling us that because of these advance we can achieve the idea of being ‘in two places at one time’ for example being on the phone- you are physically where you are using your phone but also with the other person whom you are talking to.

This idea gets me thinking that, if we lived in a world without technology, what would it be like?
Imagine the idea of not having a phone, then you get lost what do you do? you can’t call a friend to come and get you. Imagine having no internet, a thing that allows you to be in completely different places at one time- which could be America, China or even France, how will you do your research for your next assessment?

He also implies that technology allows us to be able to multitask as seen in his statement:

Second, citing the frequent use of multiple ‘windows’ on the same computer screen, Turkle (1996a;14) proposes that selves may now exist in ‘many roles’ and ‘many worlds’ at the ‘same time’.

So if we can, why not be in two places at one time?


    • Penny Spirou
    • April 11th, 2010


    Blog Feedback:
    You clearly identify the key concepts of each reading and discuss their components. You also understand the core arguments and purposes of the readings. You engage with the readings by providing your own insights, however, you are not yet engaging with your peers’ ideas and incorporating them in your blog posts.

      • s2juliee
      • April 11th, 2010

      uhm how do we actually incorporate our peers’ ideas in our blog post if they dont blog before you?

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