Week 4: “The Doubling of Place

I agree that this week’s articles were easier to read than those from past weeks.  In his article, “The Doubling of Place” Shaun Moores applies Paddy Scannell’s theory to a wider range of media. In his introduction Moores quotes Scannell as saying, “ ‘Public events now occur, simultaneously, in two different places: the place of the event itself and that in which it is watched and heard’ (Scannell 1996: 76)”  (21).  Moores seeks to apply this concept to newer media, specifically the internet and mobile phones. He acknowledges that Scannell advocates the “doubling of place” while Meyrowitz believes that culture is “relatively placeless” in our media society. Moores chooses to use his own term to describe this idea of the internet and other electronic media brining people together: “plurality” of place.

The examples Moores uses in this article reminded me a lot of my own experiences in media. I am from the United States and studying here in Australia for the semester. I have used both my phone and the internet to bridge the gap between myself and the people at home. These media are amazing in the fact that they effectively eliminate distance. I can have a conversation with a friend in the US via Skype that would be the same regardless of where in the world I am. With regard to place, I am clearly in Sydney, my friend is clearly in the US but we have also created a place where we both are together through the power of the internet. This is similar to the chat rooms Moores references in his article. The same goes for phones. When I call my parents they are always astounded by the fact that I “sound like I’m right next door” when I am, in fact, on the other side of the world. As was mentioned before, it is so strange to think of what life would have been like without phones or internet. I could communicate with my friends and family though letters but that would not create the same “plurality” of space because we would never create that shared space.


    • Penny Spirou
    • April 11th, 2010


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    I could only locate one of your blogs so the following is in response to this post.

    You clearly engage with the reading by providing your own insights, however, you do not yet engage with your peers’ ideas and incorporate them in your blog posts. You identify the core argument and key concepts but should spend more time explaining them in detail.

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