Week 4: Shaun Moore – “The Doubling of Place”

I too found this reading both more entertaining and easier to understand then the previous two readings. In this article Shaun Moore’s attacks the point of “the doubling place”, which to me emphasises the point that because of specific media we can almost quiet literally be at two places at once. This is enforced in the first paragraph of Moore’s article, where he states, “Broadcasting permits a live witnessing of remote happenings that can bring these happenings experimentally close or within range, thereby removing the farness”. In other words that media has clearly violated the “time/space” continuum.
Although the fact that we can watch “live” TV and find out at every second of the day what our friends are up to. Broadcasting media has allowed us to quiet literally paint a picture in our minds of another point in space at the exact time. Although it has many benefits, we must ask ourselves is it natural to be able to be at two places at once.
As stated previously, although this alteration of the time/space continuum has brought about many benefits such as being able to chat with friends, talk with family overseas and watch events live; it too has brought many consequences. A great example of a consequence of this “doubling of place” can be seen in Moore’s article where a girl who is having a “private” conversation with her boyfriend on the phone during a train ride home, is being listened to quiet intently by another passenger. Personally, I must admit that I too have listened to other people’s conversations on a train, but this just proves my point further. Through the invention of media which allows two people to interact together at the same point in time but at different places; privacy, confidentiality, and even other basic human emotions like closeness no longer exist.
To me the invention of broadcasting media that allows people to be in the same time/space continuum is an awesome thing. I was just trying to get across in this blog that to every benefit there is a consequence and i believe as humans, we won’t feel the full consequence of our actions until years to come
Hope that make sense,
Natasha Boustani xx

    • s2juliee
    • March 29th, 2010

    yeh, for some reason it seems like the readings are becoming easier to follow and easier to understand. (: yay!.

    • Penny Spirou
    • April 11th, 2010


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    • Penny Spirou
    • April 11th, 2010

    Sorry, Natasha! (not Natalie)
    The previous feedback is for you

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